Play 2in1 Intimate Lube & Massage Gel 200ml

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Veeon Intimate Play Lube & Massage Gel Is A 2 In 1 Lube And Massage Gel. It Contains HEC, Glycerine, MPS, PPS, Citric Acid, Vitamin E, Sodium, Saccharin, DMDM, Aqua, Aloe Vera And Fragrances As The Active Ingredient. The Gel Is An Aloe Vera Flavored Intimate Lubricating Fluid.

1. 100% Safe And Secure Intimate Lube And Massage Gel With Water

2. Acts As The Personal Lubricant

3. Soft, Smooth And Silky Feel Is Perfect For Whole Body Massage

4. Increases Your Sexual Activity

5. Eases Vaginal Dryness & Intimate Discomfort While Sex

6. Removes Barrier Between Partners

7. Water Soluble, So Easy To Use And Wash Off

8. Doesn’t Leave Any Stains

9. Exciting Fragrance Soothes The Mind And Soul

10. Safe To Use With Toys And Condoms

Ingredients- HEC, Glycerine, MPS, PPS, EDTA Di-Sodium, Citric Acid, Vitamin-E, Sodium-Saccharin, DMDM, Aqua, Aloe Vera Juice, Fragrance

1. How Is It Better Than Oil-based Lubricants? Oil-based Lubes Often Leave Stains And Have Higher Rates Of Developing Bacterial Infections Whereas Water-based Lubes Get Washed Off Easily Hence Leaving Your Sheets Clean And Your Intimate Parts Dry And Infection-free.

2. Is It Recommended For Sensitive Skin? Yes, It Is Very Gentle, And Mild To The Skin And Does Not Cause Any Harm.

3. Does It Have Any Side Effects? No, It Does Not Have Any Side Effects. It Does Not Contain Any Parabens Or Toxins And Its PH Has Been Stabilized To Ensure That It Works Well For All Skin Types.

4. How Often Can I Use It? It Can Be Used As Many Times As Desired.

5. Can It Be Used With Vibrators? Yes, It Works Well With Vibrators, Toys, And Latex Condoms And Is Suitable For Vaginal, Anal And Oral Sex.

6. Does It Work As A Contraceptive? No, It Is Not A Contraceptive And It Does Not Contain Any Spermicides.

7. How Should It Be Stored? Store It In A Cool, Dry Place And Keep It Away From The Reach Of Children.

8. Will It Leave Stains On My Sheets? No, It Will Wash Off Once The Sheet Is Laundered.

9. Is It Helpful? Yes, It Makes Sex More Pleasurable And Enjoyable. Try It Out For Yourself, You Will Fall In Love With It.

10. Does It Have A Very Strong Fragrance? No, Its Fragrance Is Not Very Strong, It Is Rather Soothing And Mild.

11. Will It Get Delivered In Discreet Packaging? Yes, The Packaging Will Be Completely Discreet With No Mention Of The Company Or The Product Inside.

How To Use

1. Open Take Out The Required Amount Of Lube Depending On The Usage.

2. Spread Apply It Over The Outer Area Of The Condom (ensure To Put It On Before Application), Other Desired Areas Of The Body, Or Simply Use It For All-over Body Massage.

3. Relax And Have Fun Embrace The New Comfort And Prolonged Pleasure.

4. Wash Off It Will Easily Wash Off When Placed Under Water, Leaving Clothes And Sheets Spotless As Before (not Suitable For Shower Sex).

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