Ayurvedic Feminine Intimate Wash 100ml

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Ayurvedic Feminine Intimate Wash Is Scientifically Designed To Promote Body’s Natural Vaginal PH Balance And Maintain Complete Vaginal Hygiene. Veeon Ayurvedic Feminine Intimate Wash Is Ideal For Daily Use.

1. Ayurvedic Feminine Intimate Wash Prevents Unpleasant Odour, Itching, Irritation, And Vaginal Infection

2. Protects Natural PH Balance And Vaginal Flora

3. Maintains Vaginal Hygiene, Vaginal Moisture And Everyday Freshness

4. It's A Caustic Free Wash

5. Extra Mild For All Skin Types

Composition For Each 10ml Contains- Neem Extract (azadirachta Indica) 200mg, Palash Extract (Butea Frondosa) 200mg, Aloe Vera Juice (Aloe Barbadensis) 200mg, Sphatica (Argilla Vitriolutum) 200mg, Tankan (Sodii Biboras) 20mg Wash Base Coco Betaine, Sles, Glyserine And Water

1.How Is Intimate Wash Different Than A Mild Body Wash?

The PH Level Of Intimate Area Is Considerably Different Than The PH Of Skin Everywhere Else On The Body. Even The Mildest Of Soaps Fails To Achieve The Desired PH Level Hence Resulting In Dryness, Itchiness, And Irritation. Intimate Washes Have Been Formulated Especially To Maintain The PH Balance Of The Delicate Area And Protect It From Bacterial And Fungal Infections.

2. Is It Suitable For All Ages?

It Can Be Used By Anyone Above 12. It Is Extremely Mild And Gentle And Can Be Used On A Regular Basis.

3. How Often Can I Use It? It Should Be Used Twice Daily For Best Results.

4. Will It Reduce White Discharge And Unpleasant Odour?

Yes, It Helps Prevent White Discharge And Other Infections And Also Minimizes The Foul Odour Keeping You Fresh All Day Long. Try It For Yourself And Live The Change.

5. What Causes Vaginal Infections?

To Name A Few, Using Normal Body Soap, Prolonged Exposure To Wet Sanitary Napkins, Wearing Tight Clothes Or Synthetic Undergarments, Hair Removal, Excessive Sweating, And Sometimes Even Stress Or Hormonal Changes Can Result In PH Imbalance, Giving Way To Poor Intimate Hygiene And Hence Vaginal Infections.

6. Can It Be Used By Men As Well?

No, The PH Level Of Intimate Area Differs For Men And Women. This Product Has Been Created Keeping Feminine Hygiene In Concern So It Works Best Only For Women.

7. Is It Safe To Use?

Yes, It Is Ayush Certified And Is Extremely Gentle On the Skin.

1. Clean Hands Ensure Your Hands Are Properly Washed.

2. Open Take Out A Few Drops Of Liquid On Your Palm.

3. Apply Apply Gently Over And Around Your Intimate Area (recommended Only For External Use) And Rub To Form Lather.

4. Wash Rinse It Thoroughly With Clean Water.

5. Usage Use Veeon Intimate Wash Twice Daily For Best Results. It Can Be Used During The Morning Shower, Post Workout, Or At Night Before Bed.

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