Anion Sanitary Napkins XXL 290mm 8s

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Anion Sanitary Napkins Provides You Long Lasting Protection Against Wetness During Menstruation. Provides Leak Proof Relief In The Mentruation Days.

1. Natural Cotton Top Daily Panty Liners, Ensuring Protection At All Times

2.Antibacterial Negative Ion Chip Helps Prevent Bacterial Multiplication And Eliminates Odour

3. Gives A Silk And Comfortable Touch

4. Ultrathin And Extra Absorbent For Everyday Freshness, Comes With Quick Easy Wrap To Dispose

5. Breathable Layers Help Keep Moisture Away And Make You Feel Easy During Periods

6. Odor Control And Breathable Napkins 7. Keeps The Panty Clean Throughout The Day

Natural Cotton

1. Is It Suitable For Heavy Flows?
Yes, It Uses Super Absorbent Anion Strip Which Absorbs In Seconds And Keeps The Pad Dry And Comfortable For A Really Long Time.

2. Do They Come In Separate Disposable Pouches?
No, But They Do Come In Separately Wrapped Packets.

3. How Many Pads Are There In One Pack?
All Sizes Come In Super Saver Monthly Packs Of 12, 8, Or, 6 Pieces, And Travel Packs Of 3 Pieces Respectively.

4. Is It Toxin Free?
Yes, It Does Not Contain Any Harmful Substances.

5. Is It Rash Free?
Yes, Upper Most Layer Of The Pad Is Made Of 100% Organic Cotton, Which Makes The Surface Feel Feather-soft, Comfy, And Dry For Your Sensitive Skin.

6. How Frequently Should I Change This Pad?
To Maintain Good Intimate Hygiene, Any Pad, Irrespective Of The Flow, Length And Capacity Should Be Changed After Every 5-6 Hours. However, In Case Of An Emergency Our XXL And XXXL Pads Can Easily Hold Up The Flow For 8-9 Hours.

7. Is It Reusable? No, These Pads Are Non-reusable, After Usage These Should Be Carefully Wrapped And Disposed Of In A Bin.

8. Does It Have Any Fragrance? No, It Does Not Contain Any Fragrance, The Anion Strip Neutralizes The Foul Odour And Keeps You Fresh All Day Long.

9. Is It Recommended For Someone With Sensitive Skin? Yes, It Works Well For All Skin Types. It Has A Cushiony Top Layer That Stays Dry And Comfy Even During The Heaviest Flows.

1. Open Take Out The Pad From Individually Wrapped Packets.

2. Peel Peel Off The Covering From The Wings And Back Of The Pad.

3. Place Place It On The Undergarment (longer Side Goes To The Back) And Stick It Firmly By Pressing The Wings On Either Side.

4. Use Use It For 4 - 5 Hours Depending On The Pad Size And The Flow.

5. Dispose Place The Used Pad In A Disposable Bag Or Wrap It In Paper And Put It In The Bin. Do Not Flush It.

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