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Immuno-6 Capsules 30

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Better immunity, Better health
Ensure optimal nutritional balance every day

If you are tired of falling sick and feel that your immune system is failing to defend you against cough, cold, flu and other seasonal infections, it’s time to take some extra care of yourself. An unhealthy lifestyle, growing age, stress or a prolonged illness can significantly weaken immunity. The weaker it gets; the more are the chances of you catching infections. In these uncertain times, the best way is to be prepared to combat rather than waiting for a cure.

Immuno 6 is an ayurvedic formulation that increases the ability of the body to fight back by providing nutritional balance, catering to the deficiencies, building a strong immune system and overall health.

1.Immunity Booster – These carefully chosen ingredients improve the efficiency of WBC (White Blood Cells) and help build a stronger immune system.

2.Promotes faster recovery – Natural herb extracts help stimulate the recovery from cold, flu, and other seasonal infections.

3.Protective shield – It helps create natural resistance against infections and prevents recurring illness.

4.Health benefits – Antioxidants help combat free radicals, prevent cell damage due to oxidation, promote healthy hair and skin conditions and ensures overall physical wellbeing.

5.All ages – It can be used by everyone in the family including elders and kids.

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